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A mysterious, terrifying threat known as the "Arra" has brought the world to its knees. All seems lost until a band of heroes emerge and depart on a desperate mission to locate ten legendary war veterans from the past. Believed to be the final hope, they must be found before it's too late

Following endless death and destruction, and the reveal of a shocking truth, only one thing is certain: the world is about to change forever.



Dealers den recruitment image_edited.png


2023 Update: Catalyst has been un-shelved and is now officially back in development after a lengthy hiatus. Multiple positive events in my life now allow to invest more time into every aspect of this project.

After a careful review, minor elements of the the script, story and game systems have been slightly re-optimized to make Catalyst the best game I can possibly produce. Things are still generally the same.

I will be updating this site once I have more substantial updates to share. Thank you for reading =)

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