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[Pit Fighter] - Charging confidently into the battle, Pit Fighters are determined warriors -- Whether they’re fighting all out with dual wielded axes or going sword and board, there’s no doubt these are very fierce and versatile soldiers.


[Magister] - With a whole host of different elemental and arcane magics, Magisters are skilled and highly regarded sorcerers. Whether it be the sheer power of fire, ice, air or simply pure magic essence, these casters are a force to be reckoned with.


[Renegade] - Lurking in the shadows and ready to strike, Renegades are subtle and sneaky individuals. Using sharp daggers and natural agility to their advantage, these are vicious ambushers that have many tricks up their sleeve, whether they’re just a crafty thief or an all out assassin.


[Deadeye] - Proficient at the use of bows and rifles, the Deadeye class is known for it’s long distance combat and sly tactics. They are survival experts who can survive in even the harshest wild environments and outsmart even the most intelligent foe.


[Devout] - Typically choosing to support their group instead of direct combat, Devouts are experienced clerics who use healing magics and supporting spells to aid their allies.


[Seraphim] - Fully embracing the sacred light and melee combat as one, a Seraphim is a righteous fighter who wields power of the divine essence and smites their foes with heavenly fire.


[Duskweaver] - Adept at the art of dark and twisted sorcerery, Duskweavers are feared spell casters that use malevolent curses and crippling magics to their own personal gain.


[Prelate] - Honorable and patient soldiers, the Prelate class is well known for it’s use of heavy armor and two handed weaponry. Although particularly rare to come across nowadays, these veteran warriors have an unbreakable spirit and unmatched willpower.


[Centurion] - Not purely into spellcasting but not completely into hand-to-hand combat either, Centurions embrace both sides of the art of fighting and excel by fusing them together. They also specialize in countering magic users.

[Sage] - Wild and fearless, Sages are attuned in the field of martial arts and nature. They have a strong bond with the flora and fauna as well as a ferocious combat style that incorporates animalistic ferocity.

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