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One of the most important things when it comes to managing a project like this is making sure credit is given where needed. As the project lead, I take this very seriously.


This document is a complete index of all the mentioned credit and attributions for Catalyst, as well as the contributors themselves.. It includes all production stages like research, testing, development, and project finalization.


Throughout the entire development cycle, I have incorporated the use of external media and tools -- some which I have a license to use, some that I have purchased myself, some that are free to use, and some that I’ve been granted permission for.


Below is a comprehensive set of cited sources for all of the project media elements -- Things such as the hired artists, voice actors, beta testers, public domain resources, software, scripts, and plenty more.


Note: All contributors to the project are eligible for a


Note: If you own material within the game that has not been properly cited in this document, please email me immediately at and it will be taken care of ASAP. Any other questions or concerns regarding attributions can be sent to that email as well.

Custom Artwork


  • Character Dialogue Headshots -- TheKC Artwork

  • Full body character poses for Sebu, Rane, and Amberly -- Hornedfreak Artwork

  • Concept art for the Aragych -- Furiarossa Artwork


Video Elements


  • Sevrah Introduction Logo Sequence - Velosofy Intros


Voice Acting


  • Michael Malconian - Niru&Amity


Music & Sound Effects


  • Waterfall -


Scripts & Software


  • Item Encyclopedia - White Demon

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