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Catalyst is a massive, narrative-driven RPG taking place in a ravaged and lore-rich fantasy setting. You pick up the role of Sebu Sabersong, an eager soon-to-be graduate of the local military, along with your older sister and a close childhood friend. 

  • A massive, constantly evolving world | Explore the world of Nyzuna, the first continent featuring over 60 zones, 22 dungeons, 4 major cities, and more!

  • Choose your destiny | 10 well-designed and balanced character classes to play as overall (more to be released over time)

  • Insanely fun battle system | Engaging and fun turn-based combat. Easy to learn -- difficult to master!

  • No force feeding | Enjoy an open-ended world, choose to follow the story line or branch off in your own direction

  • Gripping Boss Fights | Engage in some of the most thrilling and strategic boss encounters you have ever seen

  • Immense and deep narrative | The world has an incredible amount of story and depth behind it, plenty of room for content updates and even sequels!

  • After-game content | Beat the game already? Don't worry, there's plenty of stuff to do after the main story has been completed!

  • Ingenuity System | Customize your class with the Ingenuity Tree, a comprehensive system connected to each class which allows you to freely and seamlessly personalize the game to your playstyle!

  • Latest and greatest | Future content releases, feature implementations, and smaller story-driven chapters are planned following release!

“For millennia, the prime factions of the land have been standing together in defense of their world and their planet. Unspeakable horrors, known as the Aragych have been waging unnumbered wars against the united defenders -- After a year long conflict, the aggressors finally have been pushed back once and for all, and now the inhabitants of the world have been granted an era of peace..


It’s been over a hundred years, the wound inflicted upon the lands are finally healed; peace and order is restored as a new generation takes it’s freedom for granted. Unaware of the darkness buried in the past, they are now living the dream that their forefathers fought and bled for..”


Unfortunately, this peace won’t last long..


In an insidious plot to destroy harmony and inflict chaos, a treacherous group simply named "The Federation" deceived the other factions to team up against one. A massive civil war is waged and before long the factions are nearly brought to the brink of extinction.


All seems lost until a band of heroes emerge (The Iron Union), who seek to prevent this war, embark on a mission to locate 10 missing but extremely powerful champions (war veterans) who they believe could be the answer to all of this.


Following endless death and destruction, it is your goal to reveal the truth behind the Federation’s deception and locate these 10 lost heroes. Can you do it before it’s too late?

Since 2015, I have been putting my heart and soul into this project; working tirelessly and investing large sums of money to commission game art assets. Countless hours of production and many sleepless nights has brought me to where I am now.

Chapter Summaries (general, non-spoiler)


Chapter [1] The Beginning | “Today is your big day!  Take care of a few minor complications before the ceremony begins. Your eagerness and excitement have no bounds!”

Chapter [2] Tragedy | “Something goes very, very wrong during the ceremony and no one’s sure exactly what -- The event is postponed and all military forces are dispatched, little do they know the unthinkable is upon them.”

Chapter [3] Departure | “The Aragych have returned once more, casting a new age of misery on the land.  In response, The Iron Union emerges and a desperate operation is launched to locate 10 Legendary war veterans from ages past.”

Chapter [4] Intrepid | “With the world’s hope resting on your shoulders, you and your band of heroes set off in a valiant effort to find the first 5 legends. In a world now ravaged by war, you must steel yourselves for whatever challenges block your path”

Chapter [5] Infiltration | “Trouble is brewing within the human capital, the High Marshal has fallen mysteriously ill --  Suspecting an Aragych influence, you meet up with his son and devise a resolution along with some already-located IU Legends.

Chapter [6] Threshold | “A hotly contested central landmass, Valley of the Awakened, is declared a safe zone and you’re sent to it accordingly. Establish more Iron Union territory and visit Kessus, the Solyn capital.

Chapter [7] Guile | “You venture forth into the lower continent, bravely persevering into the great unknown -- It is here when a once-thought ally reveals their true intentions..”

Chapter [8] Collision | ”Due to further Aragych involvement, the manipulated Etherian King wages a unilateral war against Surizond and the Dawnpaw Brotherhood.”

Chapter [9] Ascendance | “This is the home stretch -- With only a few IU Legends remaining, you push forward with everything you can muster in a triumphant rush. The only real question is, how many of them were you able to convince?”

Chapter [10] The Final Confrontation | ”Now is the time to strike the Aragych head on! The remaining Nyzuna military forces & the IU Legends unite together and make their final stand against this ancient evil. Face off against Tempest, the main antagonist & end boss”

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