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Voice Actors

[Current Cast]
  • Here is the current list of characters and the individuals casted to voice the role.

  • For newbies interested in voice acting, check the starter info section

Primary Characters
Sebu - Matthew AKA: Dragon-V0942
Rane - Connor Ludovice
Amberly - ?
Sevrah - 
Cascade - Michael Hoskins

Faction Leaders

Lance Sarathyn - Ryan Edwards

Azlynn Brightmane - Shannon Kirkwood

Elysian Somberglow - Open

Saylen Dawnlight - Matyas Job

Iron Union Legends

Archius - Trent Wall

Spektral - Open

Ashari - Abigail Turner -

Niru and Amity - Michael Malconian

Halcyon - Ryizine

Urexius - Open

Shijen - Allen Winter

Dietrich - Nik Magill

Reos - Trina Deuheart

Arfang - Open

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