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March 2, 2018

Hey again! 

This is an announcement regarding some moderate updates to the Catalyst website. A more condensed home page (mainly geared for mobile users) is in the works and nearly ready to be launched. In addition to that, some adjustments to the website's back-end is i...

February 18, 2018

[Right now I'm looking to hire 1-2 eventers/scripters and/or a project operator. This is a paid position.]

A lot of my work has been outside of the software: things such as the written script, communication, cinematics, graphic design, hiring artists, audition managemen...

January 30, 2018

Hey folks! Just a quick little announcement for our semi-official YouTube channel -- from now on all Catalyst-related video content will be posted there. (It's going to be a Top 10 channel project connected to Somberglow Studios and to a lesser extent Catalyst)


January 7, 2018

Oh hey there! It's been a while. 

I apologize for the lack of updates these past few months -- I've been crazy busy lately, even more than usual, with stuff both related and unrelated to the development cycle. 

Just know that even if there's little activity on the websit...

August 16, 2017

Here's the 6th character spotlight, and a very special one at that! Meet Rane, one of the 3 prime main characters. This is his official description:

Typically preferring to work in the classroom over combat, Rane is less of a fighter and more of a tactician. He has been...