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Releases & Changelog

Release Types


Chronicles > Chapters > Major Content Patch > Bug Fix/Balance Patch

ChroniclesChronicles are names given to the actual game releases. These aren’t small patches or updates but instead massive story-driven and feature rich implementations to the game. Very similar to an “Expansion” for games or a “Season” for TV shows

The very first one is called “Stormfront” and kicks off right before the events of the Great Deception. 

ChaptersWithin Chronicles are Chapters -- much smaller story increments that gradually make up an entire chronicle.  

PatchesThe game will be updated with patches on a very frequent basis. They’ll always add bug fixes, class balance adjustments and minor tweaks -- However there will be major content releases through patches as well, these will implement all kinds of new content (dungeons, quests, items, etc) 

Intended order


Pre-Alpha > Alpha > Beta > Initial Release > Chronicle 1



v0.001 (March 2016)


  • Initial Game Foundation

  • 8 Months of Work




  • Chapter 1 nearing completion

Content Releases


Major Features > Classes > Dungeons > General Updates

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