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Character Spotlight: Xyris

Hey again! This is part one of a new, recurring thing I'll be doing during Catalyst's development cycle; a character spotlight featurette. I have also updated the preview section with this information.

Segment #1's featured character is Xyris, right-hand lieutenant of the Aragych and an incredibly formidable adversary - He hails from "Delemath", a ravaged world very far from your own, home to a 2,000 year long civil war between two colossal empires that dominate the land; Xyris being the premier-king of one of the factions.

In the midst of that great conflict, the supreme overlord of the Arra (currently unnamed) stumbled upon the world in his endless crusade to conquer the universe -- He was thoroughly impressed by the two leaders undying resolve and ferocity. Subsequently, he offered both Premier-Kings top leadership roles among his ranks -- They took it.

A comprehensive, detailed look into the story of Xyris as well as many other key characters will be released over time. Please stay tuned for the next character spotlight!

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