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Character Spotlight: Ashari

Hello again! This week's character spotlight is about Ashari, one of the 10 long-lost Iron Union legends.

Official Description and Info

Ashari (Devout Class Commander) - An exalted and highly respected member of the Verdant Sisterhood. She is known for her pure heart and strong fortitude. She has a silly, yet coy personality and usually gets along with everyone. Ashari never liked the idea of ending life, even when necessary, so she followed the path of a Devout and excelled as one in almost every way. “Title: Vessel of Benevolence” [Kaenid, white wolf variation. Female] [Soft, reserved, teasing, wry, good-willed, strong fortitude, warm]

Game Location

Specifically, Ashari is the 3rd IU Legend you will likely meet -- Located in the Verdant Shrine, you must prove yourself worthy of the sisterhood's presence. After completing the Trial of Grace, you spark her interest and she meets with you accordingly.

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