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Character Spotlight: Tempest

Hey again. Here is the third Character Spotlight, this time it's a big one! Tempest is the main antagonist of the series, his story begins many years before the events of the first game.

It's a bit too lengthy for this article, but here's a summary:

(was really hard to do since there's so many important details, will go in-depth later on!)

Summary: Following an anguished youth, Tempest’s only solace was the love of his life, Nariah. After she leaves him for Hijake (a big-time rival) due to his superior family lines and Tempest’s Iron Union responsibilities, he commits many atrocities in a frenzy of anger, leading to an eternal imprisonment..

That is, until an ancient evil makes a dark bargain with him, releasing Tempest from his bonds & promising revenge on Hijake’s bloodline. Together, they enshroud the world in chaos, and ignite the largest Aragych invasion yet. (This is where the game starts off)

[Themes: Forbidden love, betrayal, revenge, a fall from greatness]

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