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Spot Recruitment - Eventers/Project Operators

[Right now I'm looking to hire 1-2 eventers/scripters and/or a project operator. This is a paid position.]

A lot of my work has been outside of the software: things such as the written script, communication, cinematics, graphic design, hiring artists, audition management, boss design, balancing, etc etc.

Because of this, my time directly in the game editor itself is limited. I want to get this game released sooner rather than later.

This is where you come in -- Your job would be to iron things out, connect the chapters so the game flows seamlessly (point A to point B), optimize the progression flow through eventing and provided scripts, among other smaller objectives.

You must be knowledgeable in the RM software and have a thorough understanding of how it works. You do not necessarily need to have experience with any coding languages, though it does help.

If interested please email me at


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