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Voice Actors

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  • Send all auditions to

  • Please keep all files organized neatly by name. ZIP compression would be nice as well

  • Separating each individual line (one file, one line) is highly appreciated! (though not needed if it's just a general audition)

  • MP3 or WAV file formats are required

  • Highest quality audio is a must (no background noise please!)

At this time I'm open for a solid amount of characters -- If you're interested in auditioning, just send me what you got (general samples of your voice work are always welcomed!) 

Don't worry too much about the specific roles and their taken status, though you can tell me which one you're interested in the most :) 

The full roster is including, but not limited to the roles listed on the BTVA page (there's plenty more!) Not to mention -plenty- of extras that I will always be open for

Even if a specific voice role is no longer available, I will always be open for recruiting exceptional voices. Don't hesitate to send an audition over! 

First things first, I'm always open for store NPC characters. Below is a sample key of some general guidelines:

Also the example lines I list there are just general ideas, feel free branch off in your own way as long as they follow the same general structure.

Store types - Weapons, Armor, General Goods

(Greeting) Hello there! Interested in some <store type> (i.e. Greetings, champions. Would you be interested in some weaponry?)
(Comment) We only stock the highest quality <store type> (i.e. Our armor is of the highest quality, we only stock the finest items, etc)
(Goodbye) (i.e. Be safe, heroes, safe travels!, etc)

Send all auditions to

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