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Character Spotlight: Shijen

Time for the fourth character spotlight! This time the featured character is Shijen, an ancient sage & one of the Iron Union legend-commanders. Here is a quick summary:

"Shijen - (Sage Class Commander) - Very nimble and intelligent, people used to seek this ancient sage for knowledge and advice. Shijen’s dedication to wildlife and martial arts led him on a path to greatness, eventually getting appointed as a class commander. Although quite old nowadays, his alignment with nature and overall prowess makes him feel young still after all these years. “Title: Will of the Forest” [Drakonid, eastern dragon variation, male] [Wise, focused, peaceful, agile, unconcerned, soft]"

He's a Drakonid, a race of dragon humanoids that come in three different sub races. Specifically he belongs to the Naboru class, eastern-themed dragonkin. None of them are native to Kryptika (the starting continent) so seeing one can be a rare sight. Drakonids are not the only race foreign to Sebu & Amber's corner of the world, there's a handful of others as well. Due to the war within the Assembly of Ashes and corruption within the leadership, some Drakonids prefer to live elsewhere, hence the most likely reason you'll see one.

The players meet Shijen in the second half of the main story. I'll have some preview footage soon, and once I do, I will be sure to post it!



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