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Character Spotlight: Halcyon

Howdy! Here's the fifth character spotlight, featuring another Iron Union Commander. Meet Halcyon. Quick summary:

Halcyon - (Magister Class Commander) From a very young age, Halcyon found a staunch interest in the art of spellcasting. It was clear to him early on that this would be his future -- Everything about it mesmerised the young Solyn and his deep fascination with it led him to do great things. Throughout Halycon’s younger life all the way into adulthood, he slowly but surely proved himself to be the best Magister in all of Nyzuna, subsequently becoming a class commander for the IU. “Title: Magic Incarnate

The human capital is in peril, the High Marshall has fallen mysteriously ill and his son, Sarathyn the Younger sends you to find help. Players will find Halcyon in a library underneath the Forlorn Manufactory in Chapter 5. This is easier said than done. Halcyon has been experimenting with destructive magics and therefore a number of "Chaos Anomalies' (beings of pure chaotic energy) stand in your way.

I'll be updating the preview section with this info shortly, and some website improvements as well.



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